SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

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Similar to the Sky Trak SIG10 Golf Simulator but has a 10' screen. (Only a 9' ceiling is required for this unit.) The SkyTrak Simulator screen is among the most accurate launch monitors available to everyday golfers. Studies have shown that SkyTrak is 98% as accurate as the Trackman, at a fraction the cost. Different mat options are available.  Designated three times by Golf Digest Best Value Golf Simulator.


  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • Metal Protective Case
  • Simulation Software
  • Enclosure & Screen
  • HD 1080P Projector
  • Golf Hitting Mat
  • Side Barrier Netting
  • Projector Shield
  • 25'L HDMI Cable & Lightning Cable Adapter
  • Landing Pad Turf

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