The Story

I grew up the youngest of eight in a golfing family. And not just a golfing family, but a really good golfing family.  And very athletic. But I didn't get the athletic genes. Or the golf genes.

One brother won the State Amateur Championship. He was mentally tough as nails. Another brother won two State Mid-Amateur championships. He had immense natural talent. My dad and my oldest brother won the State Father-Son title. And my sister won three high school individual titles.

It was tough living up to to those accomplishments. The only way I could do it was to work. I mean work. On the practice tee. On the practice green. In the chipping area.  Round and round the course -- 27, 36, 45 holes. When I couldn't get to the course, I practiced around the yard. I got out in the early spring when it was very cold. And I played in all sorts of conditions.

Eventually I won some club tournaments. Over the years I won five club championships, a State Fourball title, and a State Mid-Amateur championship. In this store, I offer many of the tools that helped me accomplish these things. There are no shortcuts. None of my products will magically give you results. There's no substitute for practice!