When it Comes to Shopping for Golf Products How Good is Good Enough?

The sky is the limit, pardon the tired but very true statement, when it comes to golf shopping. I'm going to lay aside golf clubs. It's not what this store sells. There have been a small number of major technology advances in golf equipment over the decades and a few minor ones over the years. That being said, you don't always have to have the latest first generation irons and driver. Unfortunately for me, I'm a big guy who needs custom clubs. I find that club companies will only let golfers custom order the latest equipment. So I can't get my specs for last year's clubs, even though last year's clubs would suit me fine and save me money.

But I really want to focus on what gets sold on this site. (Doesn't every golf blog!) I've already extolled the virtues of buying the Original Bag Shag and not accepting alternatives. It's worth it to spend the 45.95 (49.95 on most sites) that it costs here.

I will always be honest on this blog. And to be honest, I've never used alignment sticks. It may be worth it to spend a bit more to get sturdy fiberglass ones if you're going to be carrying them amidst your clubs in your bag. They're lightweight, and you won't notice them.

There is a lot of science behind progressively weighted training sticks/clubs. They really do increase your swing speed. Phil Mickelson used them, and he hits bombs! I have the Jim McLean Power System that I used for a while. (No matter what you use, you have to stick with it.) So, should you use the SuperSpeed Golf Swing Training System or will the less expensive Accelerator Swing Speed Training System suffice? The SuperSpeed system is available specifically for women, seniors, and juniors of different age groups  (5-7, 8-10, 11-14). It would make no sense to have a six-year-old swinging weights that an adult male should be swinging. SuperSpeed is definitely worth it if you have kids who like golf.

You can find the Callaway 200 Laser Golf Rangefinder here for only $175. Is that a good investment? Or should you pay $250 for the Callaway 250+ Laser Golf Rangefinder or $300 for the Callaway 300 Rangefinder? Well, it's accurate to the pin from 275 yards, as opposed to 300 yards. For most of us, that's enough. (What club is 275? All I have.) The 250+ and 300 also provide a reassuring pulsating buzz when you lock onto the pin. And they provide a slope reading, which is illegal in tournament play. You can use either one, however, on a tournament practice round day on a course you're not familiar with. Nowadays, I play only club tournaments at my club or a member-guest or two at neighboring clubs. I'm very familiar with the courses. The Callaway 200 is fine for me

What about portable launch monitors? They're very realistic for most of us with limited budgets. Is it okay to spend $350 on a Swing Caddie 200+, or should we spend $500 on a Swing Caddie 300?  Beginning golfers aren't consistent enough to get the benefits of a portable launch monitor. But most of us weekend, semi-avid, and avid golfers can benefit greatly.

You get the same swing metrics with the Swing Caddie 200+, except the Swing Caddie 300 can provide you with spin data, if you use the app. Spin data is very important. Many of today's drivers are designed to reduce back spin, but if you identify a high back spin rate in your drives, there are some  drills you can do to correct it. Furthermore, you may want to invest in a shaft with a higher kick point. What should your spin rate be? Click here. Here are some low spin shafts that are available.  So, as you can see, it's important to know what your spin rate is. Mine was over 3000 a few years ago. I was losing too much distance. I had to take steps to correct it. 

You pretty much get what you pay for with golf equipment, but you can cut a few corners, depending on what your needs are.