What if You Want to Hit 100 Yard Shots into Your Artificial Putting Green?

Well, in the case that you have a lawn large enough to hit longer shots into your outdoor putting green, you can do it! Just go with sand fill.  Most people purchase a putting green to practice putting and chipping, and they choose nylon because it putts more true. However, if you plan to hit shots from 15-100 yards, our sand-filled 1/2" performance turf will provide the same response to shots as natural greens. The 1" performance turf will hold more sand, so it is capable of holding a shot from 100-150 yards. Call us, and we'll be happy to give you a quote.  By the way, the best sub-base is concrete, but it is also the most expensive way to go. The next choice is 4" of crushed aggregate topped with another 4" of crushed limestone (1/4" minus). This design will allow the water to drain through the cups and into the aggregate. The crushed aggregate is also known as Class "A" rock or just clean stone with no fines. A more economical alternative is 4" of crushed limestone (1/4" minus) by itself. It should be above ground level and laid out so that water will run off.  Seams require polyurethane compatible adhesive.