The Puttist: An Intriguing New Product from the 2021 PGA Merchandise Show

I'm intrigued by the Puttist. It's not a new product. At least not in Korea. But it hasn't had a lot of exposure in the States. It seems to increase the efficiency of practice, offer indoor practice when access to the outdoors is impossible, and help golfers develop muscle memory in their putting strokes.

The Importance of Speed in Putting

We all know that speed is vitally important in putting. One of the Tour's best putters, Jason Day, is quoted as saying, "It’s better to miss left or right than too long or too short. If you keep the focus on speed, you’ll start to develop a consistent roll. And with consistency, you’ll draw better lines to the target. Your focus will skyrocket, and so will your confidence."

No, Day is not endorsing this product. He's probably never even heard of it. But this tool appears to help golfers achieve what Day is talking about. I was given a tip from a pro known for his putting ability. Instead of putting to a hole, putt to the collar of the green and see how close I could get. It helped my putting a lot.

How the Puttist Works

As developer and CEO Douglas Kim says, "It is the world’s first 'putting meter' that helps players build muscle memory to consistently roll the ball to distances between six to 50 feet while using only about one meter of the actual putting surface." Just roll the ball into the meter and it will tell you the distance your putt would go. You can't set it to various Stimp speeds, but it does have three speeds -- slow, medium, and fast.

The Benefits of the Puttist

You can increase your reps by not having to chase errant golf balls. That increases your practice efficiency. You don't need to go to a practice green or even outdoors to practice. You can work on your putting in the convenience of your own home. The product seems promising. You can order it here