Something for Every Golfer: A Preview of the PGA Merchandise Show

Normally the PGA Merchandise Show gives product reviewers the opportunity to try out the latest TrackMan simulator or expensive golf gadgetry that most of them could never themselves afford. Then they write authoritative articles on those products. But this year’s version of the show will be remote. Influencers in the industry will have to rely more on information the companies put out than their own objective observations.

I will try to review a few of the smaller ticket items. This blog will carry those reviews. We may at some point sell the products. I’ve previewed some golf products that hold potential and hope to speak with their representatives during the virtual event.

The LaunchCode Overspeed Trainer 

The LaunchCode Overspeed Trainer operates on the same concept as other overspeed and overload trainers, but there seem to be some key differences. The product is designed to add "10, 20, or even 30 yards" to your drives and other shots. You use it with your driver though. You remove the head of your driver and attach the weights. Unlike the SuperSpeed Trainer, you use your own grip and your own shaft, which is a "game changer when it comes to comfort and transference to your regular game." I look forward to talking to the inventor and hope perhaps to carry this product.

The product seems a little more complicated and involved than other overspeed trainers. But at 99.99, it’s quite a bit less expensive than the SuperSpeed Trainer at 199.95. Even with the required 9.99 app, which is available at the App Store. And the product is geared toward adults, whereas SuperSpeed is adapted to seniors, women, and juniors of different age groups.


Rypstick came out last fall as an alternative also to SuperSpeed, priced similarly however at 189.00. The point was that the inventors liked the SuperSpeed Trainer but felt that one stick was easier to carry around. You do have an option of different lengths.

Dr. Luke Benoit, PhD in kinesiology and motor learning, is the Director of Instruction at Interlachen Country Club and founder of this company. He's been designated Golf Digest's "Best Young Teacher."  On the website are four videos for four levels of training. But what seems unique is that you can email in a video of your swing, and they'll analyze it 

Leupold Pincaddie 3

Leupold is rolling out the third of its popular Pincaddie line of laser rangefinders. If you are, like I am, tired of your rangefinder giving you crazy distances because it's picking up vegetation, this could be the model for you. My rangefinder is only a couple years old, so I'm not quite in the market yet. I'll have to put up with tree readings for another three years or so.

Another problem I have is with shaky hands. And that's another problem apparently solved by the Pincaddie 3. It locks on to the pin despite user movement. The Pincaddie 2 was at a very reasonable price, so you can expect this item to be competitively priced.

ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting System

With adjustable speeds, visible ball traces, and adjustable breaks, this product will keep you focused. It's for having fun or serious practice. The booklet that's included suggests practice drills or fun games. This item, which we're already carrying, sells for 99.95.

G-TRAK BOSS Net/Screen

G-TRAK calls its new net/screen for golf and other sports "industrial strength."  It can be used with golf simulators or training studios. The retractable BOSS easily fits garages or basements and includes brackets that clamp around the garage tracks and allow the garage door to open and close.  G-TRAK can be easily stored with the push of a button for cars to park underneath, leaving your floor and wall space available for other items.  

The Pincaddie 3 is an early favorite. I can't get my hands on it right away, however, because of the virtual nature of the Merchandise Show. Runner up at this point is the VariSpeed Putting System, which is already in this store. This blog will keep you posted on any other promising new products or developments from the Show.