Practice Equipment Perfect for High School and College Golf Coaches

I had the honor of coaching a high school golf team for 11 years. We won two state championships and three runner-up titles. We played at a little nine hole course on a beautiful lake nearby the school.  

Much of the equipment we used in practices I've included in this store. Some I was able to get the school to purchase. Much was my own. I liked to practice my own game too.

Early Practice Season

Practice season would usually begin before the snow was gone. I would show a few videos and go over rules and etiquette. But to keep the golfers engaged, I would have indoor putting contests, and I wanted my indoor putting mat to be as realistic as possible. After a few days we could get out on the athletic fields, but it would still be a while before getting on the course or the range. We'd squeeze in among the other sports teams. The chipping net  was great for contests. So was the flag stick for 50, 60 yard shot contests. The foam balls were important so our errant full shots would not hurt other athletes.

Your Own Practice

You may not be a coach. But you may want to get on the course before the season officially begins. Or maybe your club is a ways away. Or the range is a ways away. Many of our products are great for backyards. Some school athletic facilities allow golfers to practice. Many do not. If you are able to practice on an athletic field, do it at a time they're not being used!  If other people are using the facilities to play frisbee or get out with their dogs, yield to them. Don't take chances. Golf balls can be dangerous.