My Original Red Bag Shag Still Going Strong

Madewell (a fitting name for this company) guarantees its Original Bag Shag for ten years.  But mine has lasted much longer than that. I've had my red ball picker since I was a kid. I'm in my mid-fifties now. I've probably made tens of thousands of ball pickups. Perhaps more. These bags don't come with meters.

The bag itself is durable canvas. And it has an aircraft grade aluminum handle, brass zipper, and stainless steel spring clips. It's made in the USA and weighs only a pound. It holds 75 balls and will not strain your back picking them up. As you can see from my picture, my bag is nowhere near full. I used to go searching for lost balls to fill the bag, but ticks are more of a problem now. So I purchase factory seconds and logo overruns. It's time to replenish my supply.

Other Versions

There's a version of this product without a top. When I was a golf coach, we'd use the local riving range. We'd pick the balls up with the hand shaggers they'd use to get balls where their their range pickers couldn't go. The bags allowed the balls to be unloaded into bins quickly and effortlessly. Then there are the cheap imitations. I don't recommend them. I needed another picker for my golf team, and I bought one with a plastic tube. It didn't hold up very long. Think of how many times the tube gets pounded into the ground! Being a golf consumer, like you, has taught me that you get what you pay for.