Home Golf Simulators Will Give You Your Fix!

This late-February/early-March stretch until spring can seem like it takes forrrrrrrreverrrrrrr in many parts of the country!  But it's not too late to enjoy the benefits of a home golf simulator. In a matter of days you can receive it, set it up, and begin playing on famous golf courses, practicing, or gathering data on your swing.

Simulators will never replace the experience of getting out on a real golf course, enjoying the sunshine, smelling fresh cut grass, and hearing the birds. But the technology is constantly narrowing the gap between the natural experience and the virtual experience. And there was a day when these simulators were bound to cost you upwards of and beyond $30,000. Now they are MUCH less expensive.

I used to go to an indoor golf facility with my brother occasionally. He was a plus handicap and a very long hitter. He insisted on playing the hardest courses from the way back tees. And he wouldn't give six foot putts. Considering the not-so-real putting experience provided by these simulators, a six foot gimme seemed appropriate to me. (Uneeker simulators are known for having realistic putting.) And there was chipping. We'd be chipping to greens at "Pinehurst #2." They'd just roll over the green. Back and forth we'd go. My brother would get mad, and I'd get discouraged. And besides that, I couldn't pee in the woods.

You still can't pee in the woods. But you get flat lies, good lies, and no wind every time.  Just play realistic tees and give putts generously. You'll have a great time. And get in some valuable practice before you can get out there.