An Interview with Rypstick Inventor Luke Benoit

Luke Benoit was appreciative of our preview of his product in a previous blog post about new practice and training equipment at the 2021 Merchandise Show. But he was quick to add that the company offers a free fitness analysis as well as a swing analysis. This is one way the company differs from other overspeed/overload products.


As I mentioned in the earlier post, Benoit, who holds a PhD in kinesiology and motor learning, is the Director of Instruction at Interlachen Country Club and founder of the company that produces Rypstick. He's been designated Golf Digest's "Best Young Teacher." I was fortunate enough to interview him during the PGA Show about his new product.

What’s the inspiration behind Rypstick? 
We are huge fans of overspeed training, but wanted to make it more convenient. After over a year of r&d we finally designed something that was convenient, functional, had more weight settings, and made a really cool sound! It’s a product that serves so many different folks because one stick has 8 weight combinations all housed in the same stick. 

What’s the science behind it?
When you swing something lighter, your brain and body adapt (neural adaptation). When you swing something heavier you build strength and power in muscle groups crucial to speed as well. This “overload” sequence is particularly helpful for people that lack strength. When you combine overspeed and overload training magical things happen. Plus, all our training is bilateral (left and right handed). This reduces body imbalances as well as teaches your body the crucial deceleration tools it needs to move even faster on your dominant side. The combination of exercises we’ve built can quickly help you confront swing faults,  pick up speed, or both. Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and the top trainers in the world have known many of these strategies for years. What we’ve done is perfect the delivery tool and customize the programs to people with different swing faults and power leaks. 

Super Speed has different weights for seniors, women, and juniors of different age groups. Is Rypstick adaptable for these groups?
Yes we have different lengths for different age groups and swing speeds, but don’t look at it like a men's or women’s club. It’s all about your speed, strength, and height. Many women that hit the golf ball over 240 yards will be using our Black 45”. With 8 different combinations it’s not difficult to find the right fit for every golfer even if the stick is a bit long or short. For instance, a junior could use the Rypstick with no weights, 1 weight, and 2 weights. An adult with more strength could use the same stick with 1 weight, 2 weights, and 3 weights. 
How have sales been?
Our sales have been growing at a rapid rate. Far faster than we expected. The feedback seems to be clear, golfers love the convenience of one stick that does it all. Our approach is a grassroots campaign and to grow the product through the PGA Professional. They will benefit immensely from using this product on the lesson tee!

Do you have any new products or developments in the works?
We are currently in the process of launching Ryp Golf. Our goal is to make it the premier speed and fitness outlet in golf. We have two unbelievable trainers Bryan Everett and Sarah Iverson already on our team. We have already collected an incredible store of data and continue to be research driven in our approach to speed. Exciting stuff to come when it comes to teaching golfers to use the ground. We also place great value on teaching people effective ways to plug “power leaks” through fitness programs that meet them where they are at. Each Rypstick purchase comes with a free swing and fitness analysis. We give you a customized plan for both. More products on the horizon, one with a focus on the short game, because that's just as important as bombing it!